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This is why I really hate the society of today. The saddest part is.. This is only a very small portion of hate this girl constantly gets and only 10 of the many many screen shots I have of tweets like these.
Day in, day out Acacia gets so many mentions, indirects and hashtags made about her, her past, what she can and can’t Do, Like, Listen to, watch, her appearance and who she can and can’t hang out with!
A lot of which are complete bullshit and rumours that the girls sending her these disgraceful tweets have made up to make her look bad and give them a reason to hate her and send her unacceptable things. They literally spend hours photoshopping tweets,DM’s and tumblr asks to something that’s obviously not true yet still use it against her! It’s sickening. No one should ever have to get things like this sent to them, ever!
We have lost so many beautiful, amazing young people because they got sent things like this constantly, they never got a break from it and in the end didn’t have the will power to fight back and just gave up on life and have just ended it. I never want anyone to ever feel like that and I’m sure a lot of you do too.
Yet non of these girls care. They do not care that countless others have lost their life because of cyber bullying. They do not care if Acacia did actually give up and end her life. They do not care that they are bullies and are telling a girl who is around the same age as them to commit suicide and that is disgusting. Why do things like this happen. This is not right on any level.


Drugs Under The Microscope


i cut my hair off ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

July, 29th
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A living legend.

i’m going to start putting a watermark on my edits if they keep getting put on weheartit

July, 29th
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if you like nash grier this is no “problematic fave” shit like. his humor literally relies on shitting on marginalized people and y’all are fucking endorsing and appreciating it. your fave is pure shit

July, 29th
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why am i not a disney princess

because ur a 15 year old boy


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